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When you work with Pink Rock Consulting, we closely work with you to allow us to understand your motivations and big ideas for the future. We assess where your business is at, review your goals of the project or growth; and get to work creating a strategy just for you. We believe in providing you with the tips, tricks, and tools to manage your own business, so we involve you in each step of the process. Our process works because we put you and your needs first, prioritize clear and regular communication and take an in-depth approach to problem-solving. 


You need to put your business first and we are here to help you do that!  Stop working in your business and start working on your business. Whether you are just starting out, having growing pains, or ready to build to the next level, our mission is to empower you so you can focus on your craft and/or business model while we provide support for your projects, goals and targets. 
Pink Rock Consulting can do one-on-one or group training to build your sales, exposure, successes for yourself, your business, or your team. We also give you the tools to manage your own business moving forward so you don't need to continue to rely on our services for your success.


Looking to build your exposure and impact on social media platforms?  Or have help with your festival or event to make it extremely successful?  We offer specialized consulting services, project-based support, and full service marketing support to increase your success, exposure, and impact in your business market.  We will exceed all your expectations and reduce all your stress while dealing with the publicity side of your business.


Learn how to play the credit game and control your credit health.  Over 98% of Canadians have mistakes and errors on their Credit Reports which leads to increased interest rates and credit application denials.  You may have your financial strategy in place, but do you know the rules of the credit game and are you playing it to your benefit?  We only charge if a substantial change is required on your Credit Reports.


Whether it is a small project or large undertaking. When your business has grown by leaps and bounds you may require some short-term, strategic assistance to help you reach that next level. 
​It may be as simple as developing templates and processes to save you time or as detailed as setting up policies & procedures so your business runs professionally & smoothly,  We are the helping hand you need when building a strong business foundation for your company.

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