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Pink Rock Consulting  was established in 2021. It came into existence through a serendipitous turn of events. In the midst of my early retirement, a friend in another province reached out for assistance with a struggling fundraiser. Despite the logistical challenge of being in Ontario, I helped turn the event around, necessitating a change in venue to accommodate the unexpectedly large crowd. After speaking further with the performer at the event he was intrigued by my background, and enlisted my help in launching his post-Covid tour, promoting his album, and enhancing his social media presence – endeavors This experience paved the way for roles as the 1st Executive Director of the Deep River and District Community Foundation, involvement in developing the Reconciliation Speakers Bureau, and consulting with Mortgage Agents and Realtors. The name "Pink Rock" reflects my favorite color, symbolizing nurturing and compassion, along with the strength, dependability, and support embodied by the rock feature. Pink Rock Consulting is dedicated to rocking your business, life, and solidly building your successes!



I'm Lisa, an innovator at heart and an experienced Business Development Specialist with decades of expertise in creating, developing, and running businesses. My career has been a dynamic mix of employment and self-employment, and throughout, I've always understood the value of money and how to make it work for me. Among my proudest achievements is my time as a Recovery Agent at a large bank, where I not only recovered what was deemed uncollectible debt but also broke all records by collecting over $264K in a single month of written-off debt.

I'm the trailblazer behind the first Credit Cleanup Company in Canada, a venture that grew to include 8 employees and served 30K clients nationwide in just two years. On the literary front, you can find my published book, "Travelling the Credit Highway," available on Amazon. I've also been instrumental in establishing the NARO division of the CFMWS, contributing to the creation of policies, procedures, and ensuring comprehensive training on understanding credit reports.

My commitment to community development shines through initiatives like the first Downtown Renewal Program in Canada, "Renew Your Town," which achieved remarkable success, leading six other towns to adopt the non-profit program to rejuvenate their empty downtown storefronts. On the media front, I developed a two-year TV special on Rogers TV called "The Bullpen" and represented Canadian singer/songwriter Lenny Gallant, boosting their social media exposure and promoting their Christmas Album and Tour.

In the realm of reconciliation, I played a key role in creating the first Reconciliation Speakers Bureau in Canada, ReconciliActionS Inc., which, in under a year, has grown to include over 120 speakers and secured multiple government contracts. My academic achievements include earning an Honours Computer Programming and Design Degree, a first-level Human Resources Management certification, and becoming a certified Mortgage Agent. I also completed the Results Centred Leadership Diploma and was honored with the Chamber of Commerce New Business Award. 

In my spare time I can be found, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, creating mosaic tile projects, and traveling around the world.

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